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Dec 30, Abstract. feynMF is a LATEX package for easy drawing of professional quality. Feynman diagrams with METAFONT (or META O T). feynMF lays out most diagrams satisfactorily from the structure of the graph without any need for manual intervention. Nevertheless all the power of METAFONT. (or META O T). The feynmf package provides an interface to METAFONT (inspired by the facilities of mfpic) to use simple structure specifications to produce relatively complex diagrams. (The feynmp package, also part of this bundle, uses METAPOST in the same way.) While the package was designed for Feynman diagrams, it could in. feynMP / feynMF Examples. Taku Yamanaka. Physics Dept., Osaka Univ. March 25, Introduction. feynMF is a package made by Thorsten Ohl to draw Feynman diagrams in LATEXenvironment. You can download bundled feynmf. zip from This document.

Nowadays it's better using feynmp rather than feynmf, because it's easier to produce the pictures. feynmp also has the distinct feature of using Metapost, which produces EPS vector graphics, while FeynMF uses Metafont, which produces bitmaps. According to Thorsten Ohl, the creator of this package. When using Feynmf to create graphs, the latex compiler generates metafont files for each figure (with the extension '.mf '). Because our latex processor is not allowed to overwrite any files that are submitted, it will freeze during processing if these files were included in the submission package. When submitting TeX source. feynmf - A combined LaTeX/Metafont package for easy drawing of professional quality Feynman diagrams.

LaTeX examples of Feynman diagrams drawn with feynmf. Drawing nice Feynamn diagrams is time-consuming, so I am starting this collection, currently including, B_s -> \mu \mu (SM & SUSY) B_s - > X_s \gamma (SM & SUSY) B_u -> \tau \nu (SM & SUSY) \delta M_{B_s} (SM & SUSY) supersymmetric golden decay Higgs. Therefore an extension of Thorsten Ohl's FeynMF package is available under. or. which provides an additional vertex style \fmfct to draw counter term diagrams and two new line styles gaugino and gluino to draw propagators used in Supersymmetry. Feynman diagrams provide a very compact and intuitive way of representing interactions between particles. These diagrams can be included into LaTeX documents thanks to a few packages. One of the older packages is feynmf which uses MetaPost in order to generate the diagrams. More recently, a new package called.


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