Cat Portrait

This was an exciting piece for me to do. A color portrait of a ‘fancy’ cat with an elegant frame for a client that wanted to give a shout out to their favorite feline!

Located on the clients foot, I had some size limitations that added some extra difficulty to the piece, but getting in the details to make this piece come together was well worth the effort.

Dunce #2 Chet Zar Tattoo

I did a tattoo of a Chet Zar painting called Dunce #2 on my husband Patrick. It was a very technical and challenging piece given the number of wrinkles. I would like to think this one turned out pretty awesome!

Skulltopus Tattoo


This is a tattoo a did a one of the piercers at Neon Dragon Tattoo. This took about 3 sessions and a total of a little over 10 hours to get in all the detail in the tentacles and skull.

Flower Butterfly Sleeve

31541_10151691286473297_651406441_n1688167_10151987042803297_1887516000_nI started this flower sleeve with the rose above, and we’ve been gradually adding more flowers to it!  The rose and butterflies are healed in the bottom photo, only the flowers are fresh!