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A simple file list. This function creates a list of links to the files in a named folder. There are settings for sort type, sort direction, folder and number of links per page filelist sort_type="name" sort_dir="desc" folder="/manual/xtgem/folder" template="" per_page="10" />. The default filelist has no css classes or styles except in the pagination. Standard filelist paging has one class on the outer div the rest is styled by reference. filelist_paging {}.filelist_paging span {}.filelist_paging a {}. Filelist with descriptions. Hits lister V2 Filelist with xtcat counters and rating widgets for each file. All tricks filelist. Preview thumbnails. Xtcat counters. File search. A built in landing page. Forced download. Description files. Hupso Share Buttons Uses blog css classes. Paging Custom paging for the filelist and blog xtfunctions.

Home» Tools Wap» Filelist Generator XtGem. Random Message. Jalan kesuksesan tiap orang berbeda-beda dan tidak perlu silau jika meihat kesuksesan orang lain. Protection Status. Visitor: Gen: Sec. Lihat Versi Desktop © - Kebijakan Privasi All Rights. 12 Nov XTGem now introduced a new function, i.e the xtgem new filelist XTfunction. The new upgraded FileList XTfunction now allows you to define the folder to list and supports a custom output template. Or in other words now its really easy to make download sites in XTGem wapbuilder. Currently the file list code. 30 Apr Inorder to use the filelist, you will have to create a XTCAT account via http://xtcat. and get the COUNTER details for your account. After that, STUDY the below code and input your FOLDER, XTCAT COUNTER USER, XTCAT COUNTER KEY, and the URL of the IMAGE/ICON of your files only.

Forum about anything you want to talk about. No posts yet, 0. About Site Status @ sfnet_ops · Create a Project Software Directory Top Downloaded Projects · Blog @sourceforge Resources · Articles Site Documentation Support Request. © Slashdot Media. All Rights Reserved. Terms Privacy Opt Out Advertise. 30 Mar Download code filelist xtgem for free. share full code xtgem vip. 15 Aug Through This Article You Can Learn Tutorial About Creating a Download Portal Wapsite at Xtgem Using File List Option.


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