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Hi, I am using AlivePDF to generate/save pdf on local machine which is working fine.[PHP] var savePDF:PDF; var bytes:ByteArray; var. 1) This stopped working for me as well, until I added the following - if(!$ HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA){. $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA = file_get_contents(' php://input'); }. 2) I also patched /src/org/alivepdf/pdf/::save() per this post enter link description here. 26 Jan REMOTE, "", "tourdeflex "); [/sourcecode] [sourcecode language="as3"] // HERE IS HOW TO SAVE FROM AN AIR APP var fs:FileStream = new FileStream(); var file: File = ePath("");.

26 Jan Awhile back I posted about an API called AlivePDF written by Thibault Imbert. I created a sample with it for Tour de Flex today to show how it can be used. The sample shows a use case illustrating how to add an image, a static text field, multi -line text and a text note to your. PDF Generation on the Client AlivePDF is an open source library for generating PDFs in ActionScript on the client side. If this is a web application written in Flex, the same savePdf() function sends the ByteArray to the server with the deployed script (supplied by ), which will return this array of bytes. 22 Oct Hello, I came across a little problem, the pdf will not generate I placed the file in the webserver folder which is running php version and ran the demo swf file that was is the folder (after changing the URL the swf file sends the data to inside the flash project) tried to run it and nothing.

22 Oct Hi to every body and thank you for your help What steps will reproduce the problem? 1. I have a medium application made in Adobe Flex 3 Builder SDK , i'm using PHP and MySQL. Inside an AdvancedDataGrid i have a checkbox ItemRenderer, when the users make a click on this checkbox a PDF file. 7 May Orientation; import ; private var myPDF:PDF; public function generatePDF (pEvt:MouseEvent):void { myPDF = new PDF (Orientation. PORTRAIT, , ); e(); ( , "http://localhost/", Download. Hello Our firm has developed an application in Flex and we publish the assessment roll for many municipalities. Prior to Flex, we were using ArcIMS.


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