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ThinAnywhere enables remote access to 3D OpenGL applications under Linux and Windows while leveraging the power of the server-side GPU for rendering. Related Products. TAW_UHP_Linux_Server_LinuxClient_Box . ThinAnywhere Linux Client for ThinAnywhere UHP or Linux Server. Free! Read More. Products. ThinAnywhere is a highly advanced technology that enables technical computing users to remotely use 3D OpenGL based applications, running.

Versions: 9.x – x. ThinAnywhere, Inc. ThinAnywhere Client Users Guide. Page 2. Page | 2. ❖ Table of Contents. ❖ How do I log into a ThinAnywhere Enabled. UHP Single-User Desktop Server: Originally developed for remote access to high-end seismic 3D applications as an alternative to HP-RGS®, ThinAnywhere®. Graphics Acceleration for Remote Applications on Windows Server / /R2. The ThinAnywhere® 3D Accelerator runs on the Windows®.

Customer Support. Request more information about our products and support plans · Contact ThinAnywhere, Inc. for more assistance. I am currently looking for a remote solution for running solidworks. I use the LAN at times but sometimes I have to remotely use Solidworks over the internet from a laptop to a workstation. I know that Remote Desktop (Remote Desktop Protocol) does not work with OpenGL natively. ThinAnywhere claims to. Oct 15, The agreement grants Schlumberger the exclusive right to develop new applications based on the ThinAnywhere technology in the oil and gas sector. Schlumberger will use this technology in its LiveQuest* solution providing 3D thin client access and enabling centralized application support capabilities.


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